Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society "Lest we forget"

In 2016, one of our members Paul G1FJH, decided to research one of his relatives (Harry) who had lost his life in the trenches of the First World War.  During his search, he turned up British Army Records including the Regimental Dairy which detailed what happened on the day of the battle which took Harry’s life. He also managed to obtain copies of the German Hospital records of which gave details of his injuries and the eventual cause of death. He was also able to locate the grave site at which he was buried. This prompted a field trip to the Somme, France, to see for himself what the battlefield looks like today.

In June 2017 Paul gave a very moving talk to club members on what he had discovered on his search, and with the help of a Power Point presentation containing images from 1918 next to images taken recently, he managed to bring the horrors of the Great War to life. He also put a number of items he had discovered while walking the battlefield that had been brought to the surface by recent ploughing. This is known as the iron harvest. Some of the tens of thousands of used and live rounds, empty bullet cases, buckles, shrapnel and shell parts that still litter the area 100 years after the final battle.

Following the talk members of the club decided to put on a series of special event stations in 2018 to mark the end of the War to end all wars, and in remembrance of the 18 million who lost their lives and the 24 million injured on all sides. A total of 12 special call signs have been applied for and will be put on air during the year.


GB1GW                   JANUARY 2018

GB1FWW             FEBRUARY 2018

GB2GW                      MARCH 2018

GB2FWW                      APRIL 2018

GB4GW                           MAY 2018

GB4FWW                       JUNE 2018

GB5GW                            JULY 2018

GB5FWW                  AUGUST 2018

GB6GW               SEPTEMBER 2018

GB6FWW                OCTOBER 2018

GB8GW                NOVEMBER 2018

GB0AD     NOVEMBER 10/11 2018



A special QSL will be sent out for all contacts at the end of 2018, we will also be confirming via LoTW and EQSL. Details can be found on QRZ.com, OQRS via Club Log.

Four on line certificates will also be available for amateur stations who have worked the required number of special event calls at the end of 2018. These will also be available for SWL's who confirm receiving the required number of special call signs.





Up to 5 missing special calls can be substituted with WVAES members calls or the WVARS club call sign, a list of these can be found bellow.

 Andy Thomas    G0SFJ

Paul Bruce         G1FJH

David Lowe       G1IVF

Colin Lowe         G1IVG

Pete Rivers        G4XEX

Chris Woodward G7CZZ

Roy Dewsbury    G7PZB

Simon Day         G8PAN

Roy Rippin        M3HZN

Denis Rose         M3IAA

Paul Thompson 2E0WPT

Noel Rogers       M3MRA

Jacqui Cope        M6IVZ

Mick Lawrence 2E0XVX

Adam Gilmore   G1ZHD

Tim Simmons     G8JFX

Club Call            G4WVR


Members of the club also run a number of internet gateways. QSO's through the gateways are also accepted for the awards.


 Local Internet Gateway's

MB6WV D-Star 144.8125MHz DV

MB7AMH HubNetUk 430.0625 NBFM 77Hz CTCSS

MB7AWB Echolink 430.0125 MHz 77Hz CTCSS

MB7IMH WinSystem 145.2875 MHz 103.5Hz CTCSS


Requests from amateurs and SWL's should be sent by email with the time, date, band, call sign and name to appear on the certificate to wvarsaward@gmail.com. All details can be found on QRZ.com and on the WVARS web site www.wvars.com


We hope to meet you all on air during 2018.