MB7AWB-L      Echolink

Run by G1FJH

430.0125 MHz (77Hz)

Node No: 734821

General Information

On 70cm we have a local internet gateway run by Paul G1FJH from Willbarston.  It's connected to the Echolink system.  If you are located in or around the town of Mkt. Harborough, worldwide contacts are possible using just a simple 70cm handheld radio.

User Information

DTMF Commands



  Node Number

Enter the 4 - 6 digit Node Number that you'd like to connect to.


Once connected, this will Disconnect the link.


Station info. Will not play if a station is already connected.


Random connection to Computer User, Link or Repeater


Random connection to Link or Repeater


Random connection to Conference system

06  Node Number

To check if target node is online


System Status
(You'll either hear 'disconnected' or 'connected to ...')


Reconnect to the last connected link.

Active Echolink Node List.


CLICK HERE if you have Google Earth installed

to see the location of the nodes available .