Node No: 43012


This gateway is owned and operated by 2E0XVX

General Information

MB7AMH is a licenced simplex gateway located in Mkt. Harborough. This gateway is primarily connected to the “HUBNetUK AllStar UK network. The HUBNetUK network is linked to around 40 countries, so contacts can be made worldwide. This gateway can be found on the 70cm band at 430.0625MHz with a 77Hz CTCSS tone code. It has a power output of 4watts and has a workable range of about 10 miles from Mkt. Harborough. All you will need to use this gateway is a suitable 70cm radio tuned to the frequency listed above.


When programming your radio, please use the NFM setting to stop cross band interference



1) Please Remember to leave a 3 second gap between over's to allow for repeaters connected to the net to reset.

2 Keep your overs to less than 3 minutes as not to timeout the repeaters.

3) Don’t use CQCQCQ  when calling as it’s the same as calling on the 2meter or 70cm band.

4) HUBNetUK is run by a very relaxed group , but please remember NOT to comment on RELIGION or POLITICS, but almost ANYTHING else goes.

5) Have fun and please feel free to use it as long as you like.


If you need any more information on HUBNetUK , please click here.