Next Events at WVARS

Date Time Event Location Organiser
3rd July 2017 8pm - 9pm Sked 10.142150MHz PSK31 On the Air (30m) All
17th July 2017 7pm - 9pm DF Hunt in the Welland Valley Outdoor Event Andy G0SFJ

NEW  ~  DMR Repeater GB7WV  ~  NEW

430.925MHz Slot 1&2 CC1 (7.6MHz Split)

Still Pending Ofcom Licence

For more information contact Colin G1IVG


 Local Internet Gateway's

MB6WV D-Star 144.8125MHz DV

MB7AMH HubNetUk 430.0625 NBFM 77Hz CTCSS

MB7AWB Echolink 430.0125 MHz 77Hz CTCSS

MB7IMH WinSystem 145.2875 MHz 103.5Hz CTCSS


475KHz Experiments

G0SFJ's signal can be seen at about 475.750KHz

Received by G1IVG 12th & 13th Nov 2016