For further information about the Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society please contact.

Peter Rivers G4XEX


Club Members

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Andy Thomas G0SFJ
Paul Bruce G1FJH
David Lowe G1IVF
Colin Lowe G1IVG
Pete Rivers G4XEX
Chris Woodward G7CZZ
Roy Dewsbery G7PZB
Simon Day G8PAN
Roy Rippin M3HZN
Denis Rose (Lifetime Honary Member) M3IAA
Paul Thompson 2E0WPT
Noel Rogers M3MRA
Jacqui Cope M6IVZ
Mick Lawrence 2E0XVX
Adam Gilmore G1ZHD
Tim Simmons G8JFX

Associate Members

Giorgio Romanin SWL  IV3 - 57306


Membership is for one year from the date of the AGM to the next AGM (Normally April to April).